VOLVO Fault Codes

Volvo Engine Trouble Codes

Volvo truck vehicles may generate many unwarranted error codes. Error codes often occur in heavy duty vehicles due to high torque and high load. The error codes most frequently encountered by users are listed in here.

Reason For Volvo Truck OBD Problems :

VOLVO Truck 2019 Model Engine

The most problematic engine and fuel problems are driven by technology that is designed to reduce emissions from heavy-duty truck engines.

Engine reliability has the greatest impact on overall product satisfaction, so it's vital that truck and engine manufacturers suck as VOLVO work quickly to reduce the number of problems related to volvo engine problems.

Common Types Of Volvo Problems:

A typical Volvo truck has an ECU for every major component.
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Vehicle ECU
  • Instrument cluster
  • Lighting control module (LCM)
  • Body builder control module
  • Supplemental restraint systems (SRS)
Grounding problems can be caused by a myriad of issues, including:
  • improperly installed aftermarket equipment
  • an unsecured, overly secured, or stretched harness
  • vibration of the diesel engine
  • tightly installed zip ties (from the factory)
  • corrosion
  • resistance
  • ECU communications

Most problems can be determined by process of elimination. Start by checking fuses—if the fuses check out, then check what the wire is controlling (e.g., light, sensor, motor). Next, check the circuit to make sure the wires are not damaged and have good continuity. (There are miles of wires and plenty of potential problems areas.) If this area checks out, move on to the beginning of the circuit (e.g., ECU, switch).

Code List:

volvo fault code list page

View Volvo Fault Codes.

Don't forget ! When a fault code pops up, Volvo's Uptime Center is automatically notified via an cellular link, and it alerts the truck's owner by prearranged methods, usually email or phone calls.

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